The beginning: Warsaw – Madrid – Soria – Pamplona

We arrived at Madrid Barajas and still had lots of time before the departure of the bus to Soria, all we had to do was to go to the T4 terminal where the bus leaves from. We booked tickets for it months ago, as early as in March together with the plane tickets. There seemed to be no direct transfer to Pamplona by bus so we had to go via Soria where we visited only the bus station. We travelled with alsa which we can recommend, as we used their services often on our previous trips to Spain. On the other hand, for a distance which takes more than five hours I must say it is not very comfortable especially if you would like to sleep. It is quite expensive but still half the price of the train (the train prices in Spain are an absurd in comparison to buses and planes). On our way back we took a plane from Santiago to Barcelona for 80 euros which was less than a bus, unfortunately we were not so lucky at the beginning. Now when I think about it, we should have taken a plane to Paris rather than Madrid and than try to reach Seaint Jean by train and bus from France, at least to avoid the impression of this way and back again all the time (probably time and money as well).  Though we were coud not plan it this way, since originally we were not actually going there,  as you’ll find out in the next post. We arrived at Aloha hostel late at night, but it’s very close to the bus station and the recepcionist was waiting for us so It did not last long before we were in beds. We can definitely recommend this place, it’s very comfortable and relatively affordable.


  • bus from Madrid to Soria: 20 euros
  • Soria to Pamplona: 16 euros
  • stay at Aloha Hostel in Pamplona: 17 euros
  • breakfast at the hostel: 5 euros

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