Day Three: Larrasoaña to Cizur Menor through Pamplona, 22.2 km

We were so excited about visiting Pamplona again that we set off long before sunrise (head torch and phones used heavily again). During our first stay we practically haven’t seen anything apart from the bus station, the hostel and the church nearby so we were then very willing to see the cathedral, the main square and have a walk around all those magic narrow streets in the historical centre of old Pamplona. We forced the pace from the very beginning and we hardly remember the villages we went through such as Zabaldika or Huarte in the suburbs. Below you can see houses with facades tiled with shells in the suburbs of Pamplona.

2014-08-20 09.15.11

The cathedral of the capital de Navarra combines many architectural styles. It offers a very interesting tour with multimedia expositions. Several medival kings are burried on its premise, e.g. Carlos II el Noble and Leonor de Trastámara. We recommend   visiting several charming chapels and the  vaults. One of the pictures below presents the vast refectory. The second monument recomended by our guidebook was the church of San Cernin (San Saturnino) with two towers and a miraculous image of Virgen del Camino.

2014-08-20 11.52.56

2014-08-20 12.18.21

We were not planning to stay the night in Pamplona so we went farther to Cizur Menor. While leaving the capital of Navarra we passed through the campus of the University Of Navarra. Relying on our guidebook we deviated from the path to enter the University to get a passport for La Acreditacion Jacobea Universitaria which allows collecting stamps at the Universitites situated along the Camino. The University employee  giving out the passports gave us postcards which we could send to our relatives for free.

We left the city walking along a wide and comfortable pavement and reached Cizur Menor quite quickly as it lies in the suburbs of Pamplona. While the road ascends one can see from afar the seat of the Order of Malta which looks pretty much like a medival fortress. The albergue is located at its feet, it is quite cramped but has its unique community spirit and they will stick a coin in your pilgrims passport, for good luck.



  • distance covered so far: 76.2 km
  • duration: 5.50 am – 3.00 pm
  • cost of albergue: 5 euros
  • food (shopping): 11.50 euros
  • entry to cathedral: 1.50 euro
  • Acreditacion universitaria: 1 euro

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