Day Four: Cizur Menor to Puente La Reina via Eunate, 22 km

The most remarkable milestone of this stage of Camino is the hill “el Perdón” about 9 km away from Cizur Menor, with a famous sculpture of the pilgrims on the top, which you can observe in the picture below. Ascending the hilltop is quite tiresome, though it is worth the effort. Unfortunately the windmills spoil the view (which we tried to avoid in the picture).


The way between Perdón and Eunate offers views most typical for the Camino, as it is presented in movies and books: sun and already-harvested fields.


You can also marvel at the beauty of a wooden carved altar in a small church along the way through Uterga and Muruzábal. Eunate itself is a 12th-century romanesque church entirely made of stone, with small windows carved in the dome.

The most spectacular monument of Puente La Reina is the bridge over the Arga river, to which the town ows its name.

Wandering around the narrow streets you should visit the Church of St. James (Iglesia Parroquial de Santiago) at least to take a look at it’s beautiful altar. Along the same street there are several bars where you can taste some decent local wine and have some patatas bravas (they will not be so tasty when you leave Navarra).

Distance covered so far: 98,2 km,
Duration: 6.10 AM – 12.50 PM
Albergue: 5 euros per person,
Food: 6 euros per person.

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