Beautiful Mekong Delta: floating market and food manufacturing

The last part of our trip to the Mekong delta started early in the morning, the guide called our hotel room at 6 AM to wake us up. The breakfast consisting of vietnamese cofee and scrambled eggs was more than satisfactory, when compared to the lunch on the previous day, all in all An Travel did their job again, as regards the accomodation as well. The bus took us to the harbour where we got on the boat again. Our plan for that day was to visit the floating market and try some food sold directly on the boats passing by. On the river we were joined by the people from our group who stayed at a home stay and they recommended to us to do so on our next trip.


Our first choice where coconuts and vietnamese coffee. The floating stalls offered virtually all kinds of fruit and vegetables. We also tried pinaples, which we got already peeled and ready to eat. Of course we were lucky to experience, again, the typical vietnamese promotion: pay for two get one, than pay for two again and get no change. We were tempted by the freshly grilled shashliks, bearing in mind the yesterday’s feast on the Can Tho market, but something made us suspicious about them so we didn’t even ask about the price.






The next point on the agenda was visiting a rice paper manufactory. I even had the opportunity to do one piece myself: it’s easy, like pancakes. Afterwards, you take the rice paper off the steaming pot and dry it in the sun. In the end it can be used for spring rolls or cut into rice noodles. We bought some kind of rice pizza made of noodles, unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it.


DSC_7267 DSC_7256

The last part of the trip was visiting a dragon fruit garden, where you could pass through a monkey bridge with some hungry fish under it, but somehow we didn’t go for it. After lunch we got back to Ho Chi Minh to take the night bus to Mui Ne. The second day of the trip we found even more exciting than the first one. All in all, we can definitely recommend to everybody to go on a tour to the Mekong delta! There are several places you could pass over but not this one.

DSC_7288 DSC_7300 DSC_7249 DSC_7246

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