Exciting Tam Coc: rowing through a cave and a Halong deja vu

The tour to Tam Coc was a package tour including the temples of Hoa Lu. When you spend several days travelling along Vietnam you kind of start to ignore the political sense and dignity associated with the word >>capital<<, because you get the impression, that at every second town you visit, you are told that this place was some form of capital, during a limited period of time, either of the then Vietnam as a whole or some part of it. Hoa Lu was one of them and probably the least impressive. To be honest I don’t remember any fact related to this place, as our >>english speaking guide included in price<< was very communicative, as regards what is included in price, and for whom, and what should be paid for extra. Unfortunately, he tended to completely lose his accent, language skills, and memory, when  it came to telling us something more about the places we were visiting, to the extent that none of the tourists seemed to understand a word of this mumbling. So all I can offer you, as far as Hoa Lu is considered, are the first three of the numerous pictures above.


All the remaining pictures were taken during the 2-3 hour long cruise we made by small sampan boats. There isn’t much more I can tell you apart from what you can see, a very picturesque place, and rowing, or actually pushing the boat away from the rocks, through the very low cave was also quite an exciting experience. Especially bearing in mind, that we didn’t manage to fulfil our plans to see the Phong Nha cave, the so called Paradise Cave in the near of Dong Hoi and neither did we take part in canoeing around the caves at Halong Bay. Don’t forget to take a hat with you, because before you reach the cave you will spend an hour and a half rowing in the sun. And, by the way, even if you offer your help with the rowing do not expect that the tip you give at the end will be accepted with gratitude. Tips are always to small in Vietnam.

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