American dream

Hey guys, I’m gonna tell you a story about my “American dream “. Have you ever earned some money and then spent it all in just one night ? No? Keep on reading then, because that’s what my friend and I did this September.

So, this year we graduated from high school and took a summer job. We had the longest vacation in our lives so at the end of summer we decided to go somewhere far, far away for one of the best trips ever.
The United States of America became our destination, New York City to be precise.
When we got our visas, we booked a flight, exchanged some money for American dollars and packed our suitcases. Ready to leave Europe for the first time, ready for new adventures.

On the 16th of September we took a train to Warsaw where we spent the night. In the early morning we were at the Chopin’s airport already. Our flight was quite complicated. We took a plane from Warsaw to Berlin, where we spent a few hours then to Düsseldorf and then finally the intercontinental flight to New York City.
There was a funny situation just before entering the plane. I remember that I had a T-shirt on which it was written ‘’We see what we want ‘’. When the controller saw it , he said to me “Well I see what I want “ and he asked me to go through the security control once again… Can your believe this? I’ll never understand what was on his mind.

Our trip was long. The flight from Germany to the US last about 8 hours. Fortunately we had a lot of space so we could sleep quite comfortably. During the flight we were watching movies, making plans about our visit and trying some specialities from the “sky restaurant” I’m still wondering what was on my plate…

On the 17th of September we landed on the American soil and that was the very begining of the new adventure.

I hope to see you next time! Kasia

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