First steps in the New World

As soon as we arrived, we took our luggage and we stand in the long line for the last stamp needed for our passports. Because of air conditioner in the airplane Marta and me got completely sick. I had an impression that staying in the queue and waiting for a taxi took ages. I had a terrible headache and I couldn’t breathe. After a few minutes I realised two important things. Firstly, I was staying in the wrong line, it was a line for people from Asia… When think about it now I’m wondering how could it take me such a long time. I could see that everyone next to me (except of Marta of course) had a little darker skin and slanted eyes, but I didn’t know there were separated areas for people from different continents. Secondly, I had to go out from the line once again, because I had something illegal in my pockets… Don’t be afraid, I’m not an intercontinental, professional drug dealer. The forbidden stuff I was talking about was a … banana. Yep, an ordinary, yellow, sweet banana. I know it sounds ridiculous, but bringing fruits, vegetables and meat from Europe to the U.S. is forbidden because of the risk of biological catastrophe. After throwing it away I finally got a stamp in my passport and came in. It wasn’t such a good start of the journey.

However, when we finally got to uptown Manhattan and we went out of one of those legendary yellow taxis , we forgot even about the illness. It was 9 p.m. , 25 degrees. The sky was dark and clear. We saw buildings so high they could touch the stars, amazing view. Our bodies were dying because of tiredness, but our hearts were so happy you can’t even imagine. We did it. We were in the NYC.

On that night I met Aisha – the cousin of Marta, who hosted us in her flat for nearly 2 weeks! Dear Aisha, thanks once again for everything you’ve done for us, we love you!
The rest of the evening we spent in the flat, talking about differences between Poland and America. She gave us a lot of useful advices of what should we visit, when, how to move through te city, where better not to go ect. Around midnight the jet lag killed me completely. I took some pain killers and I fall asleep. I don’t even remember the moment when I got into the bedroom.
The day after, jet lag still didn’t want to leave us. I woke up around noon, terribly thirsty. I drunk 1 liter of water, ate a few sandwiches and fall asleep…again. We didn’t do much on the first day. In the afternoon we went out to the city. We were walking in the Central Park and in the famous 5th Avenue. We simply enjoyed it.

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