Bangkok: China Town

We got to China Town in Bangkok by coincidence: as we were trying to go back from the cathedral to Khao San Road, where we were staying at a hostel, it turned out, that there was no direct bus connection. We hopped off at China Town as it was the stop closest to our destination and we had to take a long walk afterwards or catch a tuk tuk (motorbike taxi) or a taxi. The place was very vivid and full of food stalls because it that day was Sunday.

We stayed a little bit longer than we planned, since the variety of food was very attractive. We had a chineese big noodle pork soup for a starter, and then some octopus shashliks at another stall. The choice of juices was overwhelming: pommegranate, papaya, guava, mango, fresh coconuts… And then delicious small crispy pancakes with sweet and salty filling. We ended the trip by taking a tuk tuk for the first time, to get back to our hostel at Khao San Road, which was also a lot of fun. A very warm and promissing welcome to Thailand.


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